Balancing the accommodation options in Delhi

Are you looking for a PG for boys or girls or a place for rent in New Delhi? These paying guest accommodations are available in several combinations like PG rooms in Delhi with Wi-Fi, PG with food, single room PG in Delhi for students & professionals, boys PG in Delhi, girls PG in Delhi across many prominent localities i.e. PG…

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Technology gadgets making students life easier.

Packing for college is really overwhelming, as there are so many technology gadgets which make students life easier when living away from home. Here, Placio is not listing computers or phones, since you must have that covered. But, there are many tech accessories to go with your electronic lifelines to ensure that your mobile phones, tablets, and computers are charged,…

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Diverse group of college students PG

Board Exams Over? Here’s What To Do Now.

Days during examinations are full of tension, stress and intense studies, but once over, take a break from heavy course books and indulge in cool, awesome activities to rejuvenate and recharge your batteries. Placio offers some fun escapades ideas for the post-examination time as we are aware that you need to make the most of this time as many of…

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Expectations of Students Moving Out To a New City vs Reality

Going to college in a new city, meeting new people and experiencing a completely new environment in a new hostel for the first time, is a life-altering exciting experience for students. Suddenly your life is turned upside down. It’s natural to feel anxious as you have a lot of preconceived notions or expectations about what your life would now be,…

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PG room mates

Truths About Living With a Stranger Every Young Adult Should Know

Life changes when you travel to other cities to study at college. You are in a new place, surrounded by people you don’t know. And now living with all your possessions in PG accommodation with a total stranger is liberating, awkward and terrifying at first. Living with a stranger interjects all kinds of issues like room cleanliness, respecting another person’s…

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