Make Friends

Tips to make new friends in college

College is a fresh start a time for new experiences, maybe you have moved to a city new and encountering new faces plus are living on your own for the very first time as well. You can get lonely in college, but the next four years offer the potential to turn all new faces you see into new friendship. So…

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Filling Meals in Laxmi Nagar

Laxmi Nagar is a hub not just for coaching but outlets that offer quality food with a delicious taste resulting in great hanging out experience with friends. College dynamics and bonding parameters are changing and here is a list that Placio offers for students to chill-out at. Tantrum Coffee Bar The place is best known for the modernized presentation of…

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Thadi, Hauz Khas

Hangout in and around South Campus

South Campus imparts a sense of freedom with the countless places to hang out and explore nearby. Placio has researched the favorites among all the students, and we bring you hotspots which are easy on the pockets, offering the best of every cuisine and innovative recreational options perfect for after classes. We aim to make your experience staying with Placio…

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Lucknow food 3

Bonding over coffee and food in Lucknow

Lucknow has a huge student population due to the copious number of institutes, colleges and universities in the city, thus there are plenty of cool places for students to hangout. Placio checks out the popular venues which offer great taste and ambiance for students to socialize, drink coffee and satisfy hunger. College days are bonding time with like-minded colleagues for…

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Travel to new places

Things for students to do during summer vacations

During your student days you are young and energetic so there is no way you can just stay in during you summer vacations and waste the day away. It is very important that you undertake activities and new experiences which will contribute to your overall growth and determine what kind of a person you are. Here are a few tips…

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