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Placio is a complete broker-free platform that inspires community living where experience is more important than possession. Placio brings into light the refreshing, modern yet secure concept of co-living which will help young, like-minded students to live together and connect. Placio's digital platform carefully curates modern living spaces, fully-furnished rooms, private rooms and personal apartments in some of the best localities in and around University Campuses, which are available within all budget ranges.

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24 Response is india's 1st On Demand Safety Service,which provides a Quick Response and Immediate Assistance to its customers, whenever they are faced with any real life situation involving Personal Safety. Our Mobile App automatically tracks your location and connects you to the command center with system alert to your location.



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While at the back of our minds,we all have the fear of getting into a vulnerable situation,not many of us are prepared to deal with it when it hits us. At 24 Response, we have through of all such unforeseen situations and planned your safety around it. Enumerated below are the various safety situations offered by 24 Response.

Safety at Home

Minor fire, Gas Leakage, Intrusion,Loss of Keys,Any Distress Situation.

Medical Emergencies

Ambulance Arrangements, Injuries, Sudden Sickness, Emergency Medical at Odd Hours.

On road Assistance

Road Accident, Car Breakdown, Loss of Car Keys, Tyre Puncture Key Retrieval.

Personal Safety

Stalking/Being Followed, Imminent Physical Threats, Road Rage, Feeling Unsafe.

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