About Us

Placio, a user-friendly digital platform, brings a new way of life for the students of Universities. Founded on the belief of community-based living, it entails co-living in an environment where experience is more important than possession. The Placio platform offers fully furnished shared rooms and private rooms to like-minded students who can have a comfortable and hassle-free stay with each other. Placio offers carefully curated places of living which are not only comfortable but also budget friendly for young minds.

We assure you that every Placio property is physically verified and strategically placed near the premises of the University campuses to ease the commuting woes of college students.

Co-living Environment
Student PG rooms

Blessing For Students

At Placio, we understand that finding a budget friendly accommodation in a new city can be sluggish and sometimes, even chaotic.

Placio is a complete broker-free platform, which helps you realize your dreams by taking care of your accommodation needs and its associated areas of concern. Simply log on to www.placio.in, and you can find a myriad of property listings to choose from. Right from shared accommodation in a private room, Placio ensures to put an end to your accommodation hunt with a single click, that too within your budget.

It is a known fact that a picture is worth a thousand words. In order to be more informative and transparent, we have posted a detailed description about the rooms which include their location, commutation facilities, entertainment hubs and prominent places surrounding it.

Also, Placio promises to fulfil your basic housing needs like providing bed, mattress, hygienic living conditions, clean drinking water, 24*7 power backup, and above all, stress free life.

It's time to start the best chapter of your University life with Placio-verified apartments, a homely solution for all students.

Placio For Parents

Placio aims to gain parent's confidence and try to make them stress free when it comes to their child's accommodation issues. We do realize the responsibility parents inculcate in us and we wholeheartedly work towards it.

Right from the day your child moves in, we serve him/her with nothing but our best. Special arrangements have been made for their safe stay with us. For instance, we have 24x7 helpline service for both the residents as well as the parents to address their concerns.

We also have facilities like on call doctor as well as road assistance courtesy of our partners, 24response.

Moreover, to keep your loved ones fit, professional chefs and dieticians are brought in to make sure resident’s get nutritious food every day. Placio is focused on creating an environment where resident’s physical as well as mental health stays in top shape while being a part of true co-living experience.

Placio for Parents
off campus accommodation

Student Accommodation : A Major Challenge

Most of the Higher Education Institutes in India face a common challenge that is building a high capacity on- campus accommodation. Not having an on-campus accommodation leads to students rushing to off-campus accommodations where their security gets compromised.

Here’s where Placio comes in, giving the institutes professionally managed student housing option off campus, boosting their own inventory. Placio’s properties are usually located in close vicinity to the higher education institutes in an area, thus partnering with Placio gives the institutes an advantage as with Placio, the security and well being of the students living off campus is assured.

Also, institutes can partner with Placio to stay connected with students even when they return to their accommodation thus promoting an event or communicating a message to student becomes a piece of cake.

Income For Property Owners

Being an owner of student housing accommodation is not an easy task. It comes with a plethora of problems starting from the process of filling up the inventory to maintaining day to day operations for dealing with residents problems and the list goes on and on. Partnering with Placio resolves all the hassles the property owner faces, leaving them with a steady flow of income. Placio will take up all the responsibilities that comes with running a student accommodation, right from the beginning, i.e. Marketing the accommodation, handling the sales, facilitating the move in process, managing operations and maintaining the property.

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placio mission

Placio Mission

Placio believes in bridging the existing supply-demand gap between property owners in and around Universities and students, who come to a new city to pursue their ambitions. We understand your world completely and believe in providing end-to-end user solutions for both, at the earliest. Placio is a redefined co-living marketplace that is here to meet the needs and challenges of student housing at large. It provides a complete housing solution to students in an easy way so that they can stay focussed on their studies and achieve what they aim for. Similarly, Placio also makes the lives of property owners around University campuses easier by providing verified renters and thus boosting their rental income. With Placio by your side, you will never have to worry about finding the perfect home away from home.