Night time routines for students in PG

Night Time Routine Ideas to End Your Days Right!

 Are your college days chaotic, stressful and a mess? We all at Placio do agree that college life is tough when you are on your own balancing classes, work, friends, and social activities, especially living alone in a PG accommodation. We here suggest that time management is key in making it work. So here Placio has charted out certain night-time…

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Diverse group of college students PG

Tech Essentials You’ll Need in College!

  Packing for college is really overwhelming, as there are so many technology gadgets which make students life easier when living away from home. Here, Placio is not listing computers or phones, since you must have that covered. But, there are many tech accessories to go with your electronic lifelines to ensure that your mobile phones, tablets, and computers are…

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College fashion

Fashion Tips For College Students!

College days are the special time of transition and transformation from youth to grown-ups. This important time of life will be remembered forever as you evolve, involving the transformation of inner values, reinforcing how you feel inside, symbolising outside in the way you dress. Your inner confidence, spirit, vigour reflects outside via your dressing style. Looking smarter also improves your…

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How To Celebrate Holi Away From Home

Holi, the festival of colours and the time of festivity brings the nostalgic feeling of missing home especially for those who are in a different city living in PG or hostel for the purpose of college education. Be it exams around the corner or distance made it impossible for you to go home for Holi. So why not indulge in celebrating Holi…

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Student Life in

Placio’s Guide To Student Life in Noida

Every day for students is a day of new opportunities for intellectual growth, health and physical wellbeing, not only within the college campus but within Noida. In any given 24 hours, a student might enjoy a movie for recreation, shop, visit the gym, volunteer in the local area and much more. Noida is lively, caring and diverse with amazing avenues…

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