8 Things to Watch Out For When House-Hunting in Noida

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8 Things to Watch Out For When House-Hunting in Noida

What do you think is the most challenging part of starting college, that too far far away from home, in a new city? Is it the increased pressure in studies? Or the task of making new friends all over again? No, it is the haunting task of house-hunting, that too in the soon-to-be overcrowded region of Noida, where universities and offices are coming up by the minute!

Finding a suitable accommodation in a comfortable location that too within your budget is now nothing less than a skill that every freshman should acquire. So if you are someone who has just moved to Noida, here are some things you should keep in mind These things will assist you in finding a good place to live and turn you into a smart and aware house-hunter.

1. Negotiate on the Security Deposit

If a landlord tells you that you have to pay a security deposit of 8 months in advance, don’t just sheepishly give in! Stand your ground and negotiate, as landlords and property owners have a habit of trying to earn as much as they can from first-time house renters. Do not come across as a fresh negotiator and if it helps, take somebody, who can fight your case better, along with you.

2. Rent Should NEVER Exceed Your Budget

Since you are will be joining a good college which automatically means a higher fee, give due consideration to the rent of the place you decide to choose as your home for the next, two or three years. It is one of the most important factors to consider when searching for a place to live. Carefully assess how much can you afford to spend on rent every month and find out before what all aspect of expenses are inclusive of the rent such as water supply, maintenance, electricity, etc.

3. Always Choose a Brokerage-Free Accommodation

It may come as a surprise to you that many brokers charge a brokerage fee equal to one or two months’ rent. Yes, it’s that high in more cases than one. So be wise and look for accommodations that are brokerage-free. Many student-housing startups like Placio offer brokerage-free living spaces in Noida that can suit all the budgets.

4. Avoid Maintenance Nightmare

Just imagine settling down in an accommodation of your dreams at just the right rent only to find out later that your rent does not include the maintenance charges?! It is nothing less than a mini heart attack, especially for a student who has meager sources of income. So when scouting for a house in Noida, make sure you are clear on whether you have to pay maintenance charges separately, over and above your monthly rental.

5. A Furnished Apartment is Always a Better Bet

You might find an apartment that fits your budget, but if it is semi-furnished or unfurnished, chances are you will end up spending more than the rent on furnishing it. So, to save on big bucks, try finding an apartment that is at least semi-furnished, even if you have to pay a little extra on the rent. This will save the hassle of finding and collecting furniture pieces, one at a time.

6. Beware of Incessant Power Outages

Long power cuts mean no Wi-Fi, heat in the summers, no TV shows, etc. The list of tortures is endless. So taking a place to stay in an area which has frequent power cuts, is nothing less than self-inflicted pain. So when you choose a place, make sure there is a properly working power backup system in place.

7. There Should be No Water Troubles

Come summers and many areas in Noida suffer from an acute water shortage. Since water is the source of all life and there is no doing without it, you will find that finding a good accommodation with scarce water supply will do you more harm than good. So do your research well and settle in a locality where water is a blessing!

8. Stay Healthy with a Gas Connection

When you don’t get your mom’s healthy cooking, you will be left with two options – either to eat outside at every meal or, cook your meals at home. For the latter, you will need a gas connection, which if not pre-installed in the house, will be an additional hassle for you when you move in. So bargain hard and get a gas cylinder in the deal.

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