Balancing fun and studies in college

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Balancing fun and studies in college

As a student your time is precious. You have lectures, practicals, assignments, projects and you want to see your friends and to excel in your hobbies — on top of all this, as a student from outside Delhi you have a new exciting city to explore. And of course to make the most of your time here with us at Placio! It can all become overwhelming, however, and so being able to balance your studies and social life becomes a crucial and critical skill during your college years.

If you are finding it hard to focus on your studies or you find yourself neglecting your social life and hobbies, keep reading. Here we share a few steps towards finding that balance so you can maintain good grades despite fun time in college lecture halls.  Placio has here assimilated some tips to help you balance studies & fun in college.

Get Comfortable:

Most of the students in Delhi University (DU) are from different cities or states, coming to the national capital for higher studies. Moving away from home and parents would make you appreciate and miss the comforts you were enjoying all this while. Get to know and make friends with your hostel roommates. They are going to be your family and safety-net for next few years. Try to get a classmate for a roommate. This will help both (or more) of you to keep a tab and remind each other about classes, study together etc.

Organise yourself

There would not be any teacher pushing you to attend classes or submit assignments nor are there any reminders. You are expected to be prepared for tests as there is no force on you to do anything. Learn proper time management for efficient time use. This is easier said than done! Get organised right from  the beginning of the new semester and learn what to prioritise. Start with writing down all your dates, deadlines, exams, and other big dates for submitting assignments, and continue by planning your week ahead. Do not leave assignments till the last minute. At the same time be sure to make time for socializing, hobbies, and breaks in-between studying. You will see by organising study time it is much easier to make time for your social life and you won’t be neglecting your studies. Meet your professors at the start of your session and establish a rapport with them.

Eat and Live Healthy

This is most important especially if you’re away from home. With tight schedules students tend to ignore food and sleep. Burnouts are common among college students. Eat right, sleep well, excercise and don’t gorge on fast food. Strike a balance or you won’t last even a semester! Even if you eat out look for joints offering hygienic, balanced homely meals. Remember sleep is most important as it can throw everyt hing out of synch: your mental, physical health resulting in increased stress level and unbalanced schedule. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help alleviate stress and stop you from burning out as the semester progresses.

Aim to attend all the classes

Going to classes is one of the most time-efficient things you can do. When you miss class, it takes much more time to learn the material you missed than it would have taken if you went to class in the first place. And you never learn it as well.

Study efficiently — don’t forget to take breaks!

Make weekly study plans to know when you are studying which subject and for how long. To avoid unnecessary stress of too much pending new course material to learn and not enough time before the exam, therefore Placio advises you to start revising early. Even better, try to keep up with the course materials right from the start — this ensures both more efficient learning and less stress during your exams. Or are you one of those students who believe in burning the mid-night oil.

In case you can’t concentrate change study environment or study techniques, if you cannot concentrate with focus solo then join a group at the library where there are less distractions. Or change your technique by making notes or anything else that you find helpful.

Enjoy your free time

It’s an unrealistic expectation to expect that you can study without giving your brain a rest. Give your self a break from studies just hang out for an hour or so at night with friends over dinner. Having fun —can actually improve your productivity and concentration. When planning your calendar, make personal commitments for fun. Scheduling does not imply only studying, but also allocating your free time. Being a student involves prioritising time with the textbooks and projects. At the same time make time for fresh air and meet a friend over coffee, develop hobbies and exercise. This is all about balance after all.

Dedicate one day a week or the whole weekend for fun. Time management can make this possible. With focus on studies during the week you should be able to have a day or two to recharge your batteries – unwind at a party or see a movie with your friends, do whatever relaxes you. It is essential that you balance body, mind, and relationships for well-being and a healthy motivated living.

Get involved

If you are feeling that your social life more activity join groups: make a study group, meet new people  or participate in debate or sports at the college. This is easy especially in the beginning of a new academic year when everybody is new and activities are being arranged for freshers. During the start of a semester is when you have free time – join a language class or join one of the Campus Life clubs to make like-minded friends. This will help balance your studies with fun time when you interact with new faces who will become familiar faces in due course of time. Your classmates will be also be in the same boat as freshers and struggling with same assessments and deadlines and can offer support and motivation.  Just make yourself available and mingle.

Strike a balance between personality development and academic imperatives; and ensure that the student’s growth extends beyond just academics to cover other crucially important aspects as well, there is a need to strike a balance. It has been observed that in their enthusiasm for extra-curricular activities, students occasionally tend to get carried away. They focus on these activities even during the academic lectures, sometimes even skipping a few. But remember that balance is important so try to enjoy your time in college, learn a lot academically but about people, and places and even your own self.

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