Do You Know These Code of Ethics for Student Co-living

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Do You Know These Code of Ethics for Student Co-living

Life is more tough for students nowadays than ever before. They might get the best of facilities, education and bring up but the kind of competition they face is something which no generation ever did. In this competitive age, they need not lose the calm, stay focused and gain the maximum out of their time, energy and other resources. When pursuing higher education, the competition becomes even tougher as like Darwin’s Theory it is survival of the fittest, and not everyone can rank at the top. Today with the help of this article we need to bring in the limelight the ethics of student co-living because we think studying is just one part of student life. There is much more than studies to a student’s life. Student co-living is a western concept very new to India, and when we talk about professionally managed student co-living, you will hardly find any names in the list. It provides better surroundings and facilities to the students who when able to live safely and independently near to their university or college.

Not every student is ready to live alone, particularly the ones who are attached to their parents, siblings, and family. When such students get enrolled in colleges and universities at faraway places from their hometowns, it is natural for them to feel homesick. The start of the higher studies brings in a lot of stress due to performance expectations, future career and what not! Then some students do not feel good to be at university hostels. Still, some who choose to live independently in a paying guest accommodation or a free room find it hard to manage everything on their own while simultaneously coping up with their studies, exam schedules and personal plans. Just here professionally managed student co-living comes into the picture. They offer better clean places for young students where they share space with other students. The ‘professionally-managed’ part is self-explanatory, meaning resident students need not worry about their dwelling requirements and are provided with suitable living spaces always. Also, they get access to modern facilities such as ACs, Wi-Fi, gym, gaming area and more. The only part that needs care and understanding is how students live when in shared accommodations.

Shared living is more or less like living with your family, and like your home, you must take care of the space and people around you. There are some basic ethics that one must keep in mind while sharing a room with other students(s). We are not here talking about harsh rules and regulations but indeed things that if followed makes you stay while co-living fun, productive and memorable. So here are few ethics to keep in mind:


Respecting others’ space


Giving respect to your co-mates living in shared accommodation is important. If you are living alone, then there is no problem at all, but when you choose co-living, it is important to understand that you must take proper care of how you use the space. Avoiding situations that may cause tension is crucial. If you have a problem with anything, you must report to the concerned authority or student living space provider at once.


Sharing is caring

sharing is caring

In life, we all do get something extra; sharing is thus an important ethics of human life which is relevant to student living as well. Sharing gives birth to healthy friendships and thus be it thoughts, food or anything good that can be shared – go for it. Treat your roommates as your family and hold each other’s back in the time of need.


Smart use of Facilities


Professional student housing offers a good range of modern facilities which include ACs in rooms, TVs, geysers and much more. Student residents must keep in mind to not waste electricity or water as there is no point in keeping them running if you are not using the same in any given period. When you care about insignificant things in life, you care about something much significant. Also, use the spaces provided by student living provided in a justified way. If any additional facilities are available, students must make use of them too.


Time Management


‘Time once gone never comes back.’ Time management is key to everyone, be it working professionals or students. When living away from home, it is easy for young boy and girls to overlook the importance of a workable routine so as to keep them healthy and to progress in career. With proper time management which includes waking up at time, eating meals at a time, attending classes, finding time to enjoy with friends and so on; one can inevitably progress to a better individual. Also, inspiring others to follow a schedule will it more workable.

Proper communication


Communication is the key. If you find anything wrong with your shared accommodation, you must at once convey the same to student housing provider. Placio, for example, has an SOS Helpline number which is available to contact 24 x 7 and student residents living at Placio verified properties near Amity University could get instant help by using it for medical and non-medical emergencies. The same communication is also important to have amongst other student residents.

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