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Home-Like Stay at Placio JayP Homestays for Amity Students

When a child steps out of the house, into the world, parents worry, whether it is a girl or a boy. Parents’ concerns and love knows no gender bias and thus, it is as important for students to find a good and safe accommodation for themselves, away from home. So is the case with Amity University Noida as admissions have begun in full swing.

Students come her from all parts of the country and endlessly search for good PGs near Amity, however in vain. And few lucky ones, who do manage to find a PG accommodation or rented flat to their liking, most often than not, the rents are sky high and the properties are situated at a considerable distance from the university. This only adds to the additional woes of freshly admitted Amity students, who are initially looking to enjoy their college life to the fullest.

But the woeful house-hunting days are now being Amity students as Placio brings great JayP Homestays that cater to all the needs of modern students. What more, they are located very close to Amity University Noida, giving the Amity students advantage of distance and time.

Here’s why choosing Placio JayP Homestays makes more sense than looking for a PG near Amity University:

1. Placio JayP Homestay 1 (for Females)

This is a female-exclusive student accommodation which is located in Sector 126, very new to Amity University. It offers a value for money accommodations on double sharing, triple sharing, and four-sharing basis. The rents starts as low as Rs. 10,000. The facility has a warden to make sure all female residents are safe and all their needs are met with. The SOS helpline is also available at the property which will take care of female Amity students in case of an emergency.

Some other features that make Placio JayP Homestay 1 a favoured choice are:

  • All meals – breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner
  • Common LED TV with DTH connection
  • Biometric machines for attendance
  • Pick up and drop facility at Amity University
  • App-based electric metering
  • Professional services for housekeeping
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Separate kitchen on each floor

To know more about Placio JayP Homestay 1, click here.

2. Placio JayP Homestay 2 (for Males)

This is a great student housing facility located very close to Amity University, Sector 125, Noida that gives Amity students a myriad of living options to choose from – Single Room, Double Room, Triple Sharing and Four-Sharing Room starting only Rs. 10,500. Placio JayP Homestay 2 is located in Sector 125 only and offers fully furnished living spaces around the Amity Campus.

Facilities available at Placio JayP Homestay 2 include:

  • All meal s – breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner
  • App-based metering for electricity with online payment facility
  • CCTV surveillance
  • TT Table in the common area
  • Hi-speed Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Pick and drop facility to Amity University

To know more about Placio JayP Homestay 2, click here.

3. Placio JayP Homestay 3 (for Males)

Located at a stone’s throw from Amity University, Placio JayP Homestay 3 lies in Sector 126, Noida. What sets it apart from PGs in Noida are its modern, fully furnished student living spaces on double and triple sharing starting  only Rs. 11,500. The property offers a safe parking facility and is a hit amongst Amity boys who love to stay fit as it has a gym.

Some features that make Placio Homestay 3 awesome include:

  • All meals – breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner
  • A separate gymnasium
  • Biometric attendance facility
  • Pick and drop from Amity University
  • High speed Wi-Fi
  • App-based electricity metering
  • Theme-based dining area

More awesome features of Placio JayP Homestay 3 can be found here.

4. Placio JayP Homestay 4 (for Males)

Placio JayP Homestay 4 brings male Amity students a respite from tedious house hunting was as it gives them contemporary accommodation facilities on double sharing basis starting at a comfortable rent of Rs. 13, 750. The Amity university students choose this over PGs in Noida as provides them with home-like safety and home cooked healthy meals.

Choose Placio JayP Homestay 4 because:

  • All meals – breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner
  • High speed elevators
  • Biometric attendance machine
  • Theme-based dining area
  • Air conditioners or coolers in all rooms
  • Professional maintenance services
  • Car and bike parking space
  • App-based metering for electricity bills
  • CCTV surveillance and 24 hour security
  • Kitchen on each floor

Know more about Placio JayP Homestay 4 here.

Now stay at Amity, stay at Placio JayP Homestays!

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