How Co-Living is Transforming the Lives of Female Students

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How Co-Living is Transforming the Lives of Female Students

No longer are Indian girls limited to the household duties and confined to the kitchen. Young Indian girls are now moving out not only of their homes but also of their cities to pursue higher education and aspire to become independent and successful. Since excellent higher education facilities are not available in every part of the country, more often than not, they have to move to larger cities and metros, away from their families, away from their homes, and away from safety and security.

Considering the scenario in today’s time, in many cases, it is not safe for young girls, fresh out of school, to stay alone in a strange city amongst strange people. That is where co-living comes to their rescue. The concept of co-living is fast catching up in our country, especially in the metros, providing a sigh of relief to female students across the country in the following ways:

  1. Safe and Secure

Co-living makes the decision to move away from the safety of their homes to a new city easy as it gives them the option of staying with verified and like-minded people, in most cases of the same sex. In many student housing accommodations, every step is taken to ensure the safety of all tenants, just like a family would. This enables them to take up higher education and lead better and safe lives.

2. Financially Feasible

Staying alone comes at a price, a higher price in the metros. Co-living accommodation options give female students the options of sharing apartments or rooms with other girls, and in the process, sharing the financial burden of high rents as well. Splitting the monthly rent in half and sometimes, even more, helps them manage their limited finances more prudently.

3. Peace of Mind for Parents 

Co-living gives female students a safe and secure harbour while they are away from their own families. Many student-housing options even have 24*7 helplines and parent helplines which keep the parents informed of their daughter’s well-being. This lightens the burden and worry off parents hearts’ and allows them to sleep peacefully.

4. Myriad of Accommodation Options

Co-living accommodations are now offering a variety of living spaces to suit the needs of different female students. They range from single private rooms, apartments, shared rooms to community-style living spaces. Almost all these establishments are secure properties loaded with ample facilities to ensure home-like convenience.

5. Personality Development into Independent and Confident Women

Living on their own, amongst similar-aged girls, helps female students fresh out of school to develop into independent and confident women. When they live with lied-minded people, they get to explore the city, make new friends and meet great roommates, which is a welcoming change from being cooped up in their houses. This chance to experience the outside world, one-on-one, teaches them the significance of being self-dependent and financially independent.

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