How to Personalize your fully furnished AC room at Placio ?

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How to Personalize your fully furnished AC room at Placio ?

Personalize your fully furnished AC room at Placio

When you choose to live with Placio, you can enjoy a living experience like no other. Moving to a new city and leaving everything familiar behind, even if it is just temporary, means change. We all do not overall respond well to change, thus it is becomes e important that settling in happens fast. Part of the settling in process is the creation of a home, a comfort zone. With Placio’s fully furnished student accommodation the customization is quick and easy in creating a new home away from home.

Another important highlight of our housing is that we are located close to universities and colleges, putting you close to campus and in close proximity to many amenities. Plus, we also offer a range of amenities for your comfort and convenience, right on-site. Our housing are secure, as we care about your safety! Unauthorized painting off the wall, no adhesive stickers, scribbling on walls or furniture is permitted at Placio.  But a few touches in the following ways can personalize a furnished room, making it your own:

Personalise as much as possible

Buy your own comforter set with matching pillows and cushions for your bed. This will individualize your bedroom and give you a theme to go on in terms of incorporating other accessories. For example, if you purchase a brownish- maroon comforter with saffron throw pillows, you can then begin matching those colours in pieces around the room. You could buy some artwork that either has the same maroon and saffron or blend colours that go well with those in your bedspread. The idea is to create a cohesive look within your room, while personalizing.

Elevate your bed

Today, college students can raise their beds and use the storage spaces underneath for de-cluttering. This serves two purposes at once. One of course, is providing additional storage space for clothing, college supplies or whatever else which clutters the room. The fact is that it is practical.

Add personal affects

May be for you this experience away from home is likely your first. It’s okay to be homesick or miss the comforts of your home. Recapture the nuances of your home by adding personal photos, items that remind you of home, even if you’re away at college. This can be as simple as a family portrait or any artefact which has meaning and value to you.

Add accessories

Add throw pillows on bed and other furniture to personalize furnished student apartments. This is also an easy way to incorporate patterns and colour. Don’t forget though, accessories can be more than pillows. They can include vases, plates, blankets and lamps, just to name a few. Make sure all these fun accessories match your stylistic preferences, and before you know it, you will transform your nondescript apartment into your personal haven.

Hang curtains

Curtains are a design staple everyone should own. They add a homey touch and find out if you are permitted to do so at Placio.  Pick curtains in a pattern and colour you like, and be sure those elements match the rest of the decorative pieces you bring into the furnished place.

Use lights

Another décor idea that is trending in college student’s room is lighting. There are several ways to add lighting. You can combine strings of lights drape them to display loose photographs. The idea is to create areas of soft light. It adds a sense of luxury and is an easy, simple way to brighten up a room. You can also make use of candles to create a soft light. Just make sure you use these safely. You might want to try fake candles that are battery operated instead of the real variety.


Personalise your room by spraying relaxing or familiar room fragrances. Scents are known to trigger memories and make people feel more at ease. Diffuse your chosen scent by using room sprays or candles.

Don’t be afraid of colour or patterns

Don’t be afraid of using bold colours or patterns in curtains, pillows, blankets and bedding. Or pick a single scheme, for example a neutral palette which is easy to mix with any furnishings you have. Let your personal tastes guide you, and be consistent.

Use organizers

In addition to the ideas listed above, you can also add organizers, for example, pretty containers to organize bathroom supplies, mail, remotes/chargers, restaurant take out menus and anything else that needs to be sorted.

Embrace Wall Art

You can’t change the wall colour in your room. Therefore, add flair to the walls with pieces of art you like. Select pieces of varying size to create a mural like feel on a focal wall.  You don’t want to cover every inch of your walls just enough to personalise your room, no more.

A furnished room is a blessing as having a living space already furnished cuts down on the hassle of moving and the stress of starting college. The student housing room decor ideas listed above are a few ways to make your room even more fantastic. At Placio, we offer housing to college students that go far and above the typical living arrangements you would think of as a college student. Contact us at Placio to learn more about our furnished student apartments.


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