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Major Student Accommodation Options near Amity Noida

For those who are looking to pursue higher education in Amity University Noida, this article will be an interesting and insightful read. Especially the students who are non-native of Delhi NCR and the ones who will be looking for staying options once they get enrolled for their choicest course in Amity Noida which regularly witnesses an increasing number of students with each passing year; as the new session is about to begin, we are going to explore all the major student living options available for outstation students near Amity University located at Sector 125, Noida.

University Hostel

The very first and which seems to be a natural choice for newly admitted students is the campus hostel maintained by the Amity University which offers furnished hostel facilities to the students coming to the Noida from the other main towns and cities of India. Getting a space at the hostel is though the subject of availability, and as the number of students keeps on increasing every year, the university is not able to offer student living space for everyone. There are restrictions like any other hostel and students need to abide by the rules and regulations set by hostel administration.

The gap gives rise to the chance of exploring other forms of student accommodations near the university. And this is what we are going to discuss further in this article.

Paying Guest Accommodation

The concept of paying guest accommodations is quite old and traditional. Like hostels, there are separate PGs for boys and girls in Noida too. So if a student doesn’t wish to live at the university-run hostel, he/she may look for a PG in Noida. The categories of PG in the city vary as per the budget and location. There are instances where students land up paying hefty amounts for paying guest accommodation at a major location in the city but do not get pleasant facilities and living surroundings. Most of these PGs are often run privately and lack proper student life experience and safety apparatus.

Independent Rooms

Getting and maintaining a flat or room on own is a great challenge for a single or even group of students. They need to manage everything on their own, and there is no security and support for students in this case. As such, there is a range of independent flats in Noida, but they do not provide any other facilities apart from the space. Housekeeping and maintenance become a nightmare for students who have to focus both on their studies and regular schedules.

Organized Student Housing

The concept of organized and professionally managed student housing is not just new to the city of Noida but the entire country. Innovative companies like Placio are giving a golden chance to students who are looking for PG near Amity Noida. They provide not only well-maintained co-living spaces but also offer young students an excellent range of modern facilities that are crucial in today’s scenario. Placio provides services such as housekeeping, buffet, theme-based dining areas, security arrangement, student cards, cash on call and high-speed Wi-Fi, LED with DTH and much more. There are no curfews to students so that they can live happily, safely and independently and make the best use of flexibility they get with Placio. There is a biometric system integrated to every Placio verified properties. Apart from the standard and modern facilities, Placio also provides three major helpline supports:
• 24 x 7 SOS Helpline (for medical and non-medical emergencies)
• Customer Helpline
• Parents Helpline
Co-living also prepares students for their career and life ahead by giving them a chance to develop their inter-personal skills particularly when we consider student living.
A good thing about organized student housing is that students or their parents can choose an accommodation that suits their preferences, budget, and needs. For example, Placio provides three primary options for a student searching rooms near Amity University Noida i.e. Placio Dorm, Placio Prime, and Placio Luxe.

With the change in higher education system and growing needs of millennial generation it is important to understand that when it comes to living, students deserve better and professional. They need spaces that they can feel like their own and feel confident and safe when living there. Also, they must get proper addressing of their issues, and there must be a provision to attend to their needs. Organized student living takes into account all of these factors and provides students with not only what they can have but a life that they deserve!

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