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Night safaris in Delhi-NCR

Night crawls with mystery, magic and mayhem in Delhi. Every nook and corner of this historically modern city has unexplored streets and numerous hangout joints. This city is full of night-owls and midnight strollers, scholars and explorers.  From food-joints to clubs to midnight walks, we bring to you some of the places in the city to explore after late hours of the night. A soothing calm permeates the atmosphere, showcasing the streets’ genteel beauty. Come explore the enthralling historic monuments and captivating corners of Delhi such as Sanjay Van, Old Delhi, Nizamuddin, Purana Quila at dusk.

Night Safari to Qila Lal Kot Walls at Sanjay Van

The Sanjay Van is famous for its night safaris, attracting trekkers and adventure enthusiasts alike. On this walk, you can learn about the histories of Mehrauli and Delhi and hear unique tales of how time has changed the city through the centuries. Sanjay Van is also infamous for a white saree clad woman hanging upside down over trees.  The jungle is alive with sounds of cicadas, jungle babblers and the sounds of insects who set the tone for this walk.

Chandni Raat mein Chandni Chowk

Romance the bygone era of the 7th city of Delhi, ‘Shahjahanabad’ and its most vibrant market of Chandni Chowk on a moonlit night.  The starting point of the walk is at Sisganj Gurudwara in Chandni Chowk. Next you are taken for a visit to the next door Sunahri Masjid, and a sweet stop at Kanwarji’s followed by dinner at the famed Paranthe Wali Gali. This walk helps explore the hidden wonders that the city as the group strolls in the by-lanes. Next the group pauses for a leisurely sip a cup of chai and chit-chat about the culture of the Mughal city with a 7th generation ‘Old Delhi’ resident. Wanders towards Jama Masjid, and revels in the glittering bazaars around the mosque. From here, the group walks to Darya Ganj and final destination is at Delhi Gate.

Experience Shaam-e-Nizamuddin

This walk in the basti of Nizamuddin ends with musical notes of qawaals (Singers of mystic Sufi verses) who sing Qawwalis in praise of the Holy Saint and the Almighty. Nizamuddin Dargah is one of the most revered places of Dilli. You halt at ‘Urs Mahal’ where all the Dargah’s (mausoleum of a holy man) annual festivities are held, ‘Chausanth Khamba’ (64-Pillared hall) made entirely of white marble, the beautiful compound has been recently restored after many years of hard work and research by ASI, this is something which should not be given a miss. Know more about the world-renowned Urdu/Persian Shayar (Poet) Mirza Ghalib, for whom history says that ‘he was a great poet, but an infamous one!’ and hear stories of another great Poet, but of another era, Amir Khusrau at their final resting places (graves). Legends of world-renowned Urdu/Persian Shayar (Poet) Mirza Ghalib and Amir Khusrau are discussed at their graves. Gaze upon the hidden gem of a well-preserved Mughal architecture, Atgah Khan’s tomb, tucked away in the narrow alleys of Nizamuddin Basti. We then move to the 14th Century Baoli which caused the downfall of a city and its arrogant Sultan!

The massive monolith of Qutub Minar

The Qutub Minar is not just the pride of Delhi, it is also a UNESCO world heritage site. The towering monolith was built by the Afghan ruler Qutb-Ud-Din-Aibak and is a testament to Indo-Islamic architecture. This walk takes you to Delhi’s oldest Fort (almost 1100 years old) to scout the scene of multiple battles and scores of graves. The beauty of the entire area comes to life after sunset when it is lit up exquisitely, glowing against the backdrop of the deep night sky. During the walk stories from the age of the Rajput kings of Delhi to the times of the Delhi Sultanate are relived.

Feel Patriotic At India GateThe war memorial of Rajpath doesn’t require any introduction.  India Gate is one of those amazing places where pride meets beauty. Its majesty is amplified at night when the entire structure is luminescent from spectacular spotlights. You can enjoy a silent midnight walk or chatter with your friends; or you can grab your DSLR and click breathtaking pictures of this splendid memorial! Or spend a quiet evening taking a relaxing walk or hang around the place having for a peaceful chat with your friends.

The Red Fort

The Red Fort is another marvel of Delhi. The monument is a testament to India’s stunning architecture and rich history. Visitors can enjoy a light and sound show that is performed here in the evenings. The show combines fascinating storytelling and amazing visual animation, and is performed by talented artists and musicians who relay historical events. It takes you through the fort’s entire history; an entertaining and informative way to spend the evening.

Explore Delhi With Paranormal Investigators

A local expert also provides history, stories and legends about each and every destination as well as places within these destinations. Led by professional paranormal investigators, night walk gives you a chance to communicate with spirits with the use night vision cameras, thermal cameras and laser grids. For every five travelers, there will be at least one paranormal investigator (in most cases there are at least two). Every guest is given a 25 minute training session in using the night vision cameras, thermal cameras and laser grids, which are to be used to capture ghostly sightings. Participants have shared tales of an old woman following them for 7 days and a dancing girl still searching for her royal lover.

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