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Personal Safety Tips for Girls in a New City

Safety Game Plan for College Girls

It’s important to protect yourself when you go out into the city, go partying, or simply feel unsafe. Remember: You are responsible for your own actions. Your choices and behaviors are your own. All the safety measures won’t help you if you’re not making smart personal-safety choices. Placio offers on 24×7 on campus security for college student.  Prioritizing your safety is key to living a happy and healthy life. Read below for some basic guidelines, tips, tricks, ideas, and attitudes to adopt for your entry into your new life.


A great social life is part of the college experience but remember never put down your beverage and come back to it. Date rape drugs are prevalent and are impossible to detect without a test kit. Go to parties as a group, watch out for each other, and leave together. Alcohol is involved in the majority of sexual assaults and a nice guy can quickly turn into a different and violent person when he is under the influence.

Don’t Make Yourself a Target

Just by being present in some situations you are putting yourself at risk. This is especially important when interacting with people who have the capability to violence or commit a crime. Monitor your own behavior or attitude; for example, if a situation becomes tense don’t respond angrily as this can antagonize the other person.

Be Camera Shy 

 Do not let your photo appear with your name, address, phone number, or any other identifying info in campus directories that are available to the public. It is best to stay “incognito”, especially as a new student, you don’t want to be a target for businesses or organizations wanting to sell something or “take advantage” of the new comers. Only you should decide who knows where you live, eat, and sleep.

New Kids on the Block

You are new in the city and it may show. Be aware of the people around you as criminals are on the lookout for the new comers to victimize.

ATMs and Parking Lots

Cash machines and parking lots are frequent stops. Unfortunately the bad guys see ATMs in less-traveled areas as a hunting ground; ditto dark parking lots in dark unlit street. Make a very-public ATM your cash source and avoid poorly lighted or deserted parking lots or go with a friend.

Get Oriented

Participate in all orientations the college has to offer. Take some time to get to know your way around – the quickest routes from Placio to college campus.  Familiarize yourself with the immediate surrounding neighborhood, too.

Always let your friends know where you are

Make sure to let your parents and/or close friends know what your daily schedule is. Give them a copy of your class schedule and activities along with a list of important phone numbers like your roommate, counselor and any other important contact numbers in case of an emergency.

Get Their Digits 

 Be sure to feed the number of your local police into your cell phone, as well as campus and Placio security. Dialing certain numbers at Placio will connect to 24×7 security which can track you in case of trouble. You will have to explain to them exactly where you are, and they will dispatch a team for your rescue. This saves time when every second counts. However, 100 is always the best number to call when you are off campus or not in your local city.

Walk in groups

Safety in numbers: Don’t travel alone, especially at night and in more desolate parts of campus. Avoid isolated shortcuts no matter how tired you are after a long day of studying. And make sure to use the campus shuttle service if provided.

Hide expensive items

Avoid wearing flashy jewelry or holding your purse in your hand when you go out at night as shows an attacker that you have valuable belongings for them to steal. Keep jewelry to a minimum and always placing your wallet or phone out of sight (such as in a purse or pocket). Also, consider using a purse with a zipper rather than an open purse. This will make it harder for your valuables to fall out or be snatched.

Always be alert and aware of your surroundings

Don’t look at phone screen while walking around college campus. Be alert you are of your surroundings, the more likely you’ll be able to avoid a dangerous situation before it happens. Try to look behind you frequently and always have one ear bud out so that you can hear surrounding noises. The common thread victims are completely unaware of who was around them and what was happening until it was too late.

Trust Your Intuition

Most people who have fallen victim to a violent incident or robbery will tell you that in hindsight, all of the warning signs were right there in front of them. So, why did the incident happen? it’s usually because people are scared to listen to their instincts. If you ever feel uncomfortable or something is ‘off’ with a person or in any situation, then listen to what that inner voice is telling you and remove yourself from the situation or if you are very worried raise an alarm. It doesn’t matter if it turns out to be a false alarm – better to be safe than sorry!

Dark Corners of Campus

Every college campus has desolate corner which must be avoided. You must remember that no college is a closed college. There are thousands of nonstudents who cruise on and off campus every day and night.

Keep something on you that you can defend yourself with

If you want to increase your safety further, consider purchasing a self-defense item. Some popular and useful items include pepper spray, self-defense claws, a high pitch personal alarm, a loud whistle, or other gadgets that you can find online.

Prioritizing your safety is key to living a happy and healthy life and let us know if you faced any safety issue and what you to inspire others with your advice.

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