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Placio – How to settle quickly in college life ?


College life will no doubt mark the start of a new adventure for you -an amazing experience. But are you feeling nervous about starting college? Most people are, so you’re not alone. We at Placio want you to get as much out of your time at college as possible. this translates into settling into the lifestyle straight away. Therefore, we have rounded up some easy ways of adapting to the change in routine, making a ton of new friends and celebrating your university experience without a hitch!


Attend orientation. Don’t be tempted to give it a miss because it’s a great introduction to your new college – and to other students. It’s designed to help you settle in and you’ll feel more confident after you’ve taken part. You’ll also know your way about the campus, where to go for lunch and where the library is, which will make life a lot easier.

Go to class. This is number one for a reason. College is no doubt an amazing experience and missing lectures are one of the worst things you can do. You’d be surprised how many students don’t and how quickly they can fall behind. It’s not like school – nobody is going to be pressuring you to go to class or hit the books. Putting things off can be tempting but it’s the worst habit you can get into. Remember: your goal is to graduate. How are you going to do that if you can’t even make it to class regularly?

Find the right balance.  Learn how to say ‘no’, this may be one of the most challenging skills to learn. College is an exciting time – you have a new routine, new hobbies and new friends, and you want to experience everything college has to offer.  But saying ‘yes’ to everything that sounds fun, interesting, and exciting will lead you to trouble. Your academics will suffer, your time management will be horrible, and you’ll burn yourself out. Try not to take on too much at once – studying and partying are both part of the student experience, but try to strike an equal balance.

Make friends. In most cases, the first few friends you make at college will turn out to be friends for life. So say hello to everyone you meet, knock on the doors of your neighbours in your student residence, or leave your door open just a crack as an invitation for people to come in and chat. Find like-minded people who you’re likely to get on with using college groups on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

Familiarise yourself with surroundings. Unless you are a resident, you’ll need to learn where your nearest stations, bus stops, supermarkets, and hangout places are. Other than that, you should also take a good look around the campus – to get you finding your bearings, so grab a (new) friend and explore the area with them. Find some places you really like going to; shops that stock your favourite magazines, parks and green spaces for studying and most importantly and restaurants that offer the best student deals!

Healthy body, healthy mind. Diet and exercise are important to how you feel. Make sure you have a balanced regime, decent night sleep and look after your mental health, too. College can be pretty stressful at times so try not to let things get on top of you and if you feel overwhelmed, talk to someone – whether a friend or the college counsellor.

Learn to budget. Managing your finances is another big challenge. Budgeting is tough but essential if you want your funds to stretch. Work out how much you need for essentials like rent, travel, books and food and divide up whatever’s left – that’s what you have to play with.

Be organised. Everything you need for your room should be packed up and ready. The books and stationery you need for your course should be packed along with other stuff for your room. Doing this before arriving at your college will save you a lot of stress in the long run, and it’ll save you a lot of time so you can focus on settling in.

Sign up for a club or society – or set up your own. The possibilities are endless, from surfing to fashion, football or dance. It will be an opportunity to meet great people with the same interests.


Bring home comforts with you. Chances are this is your first time moving away from home, so it’s understandable that you might get a little homesick now and again, but don’t worry: there are little things that you can do to ease the transition. To start, you should bring photos of friends and family to hang on your wall or sit on your desk – because you’re less likely to feel upset if you hang pictures of loved ones in your room. Some people bring posters, pillows, or decorations to make their room feel more homely.

Don’t forget to call home. Don’t forget to call your parents. Even though you’re a proper grown-up now living away from home, you can still assure your parents how everything is going. You’ll probably already have a lot of exciting stories to share! It’s also a good way to minimise feelings of homesickness.

Try not to go home every weekend. Going home every weekend prevents you from connecting with other students, getting comfortable with your campus, and making it your new home.

Take risks. Do things that are outside of your comfort zone. Never been to a debate? Never tried a kind of food or learned to surf? Never introduced yourself to others? Step outside of your comfort zone and take some risks. You went to college to learn new stuff, right?

Lastly – relax, and enjoy the experience! Over the next few years, you will make lifelong friends, have unforgettable experiences and work towards a qualification that will stand to you for the rest of your life.

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