Shifting moves: the journey from home to PG

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Shifting moves: the journey from home to PG

The big adventure of going to college has arrived. This summer many students will be moving to a new city for education. This huge transition comes with mixed emotions- elevation and stress. Let’s face it: Moving from home to hostel isn’t exactly fun. It’s tedious, time-consuming and often a hassle. In due course of time you will no doubt become experts at this. But this is challenging initially.

And the first challenge is to find a suitable home when you relocate to a new city for educational pursuits and the choices of accommodation are as following:- 

On-Campus: Some educational institutions and universities offer housing facilities on the campus though these are limited. Next one can opt for rented room or apartment which can be furnished or unfurnished. These are available in plenty and had been a popular choice among the students. Now fully furnished AC PG accommodations in organised housing are rising in popularity as a suitable living option as these are equipped with all basic amenities (from fridge, TV, WiFi, laundry, maintenance, monitored CCTV etc) and one just has to move in.  Owing to significant demand from the migrant student population across the country, this segment is growing at a rapid pace.

There are, however, some tips to make life a little easier during the course of moving. Placio has compiled a top ten list of the best moving hacks to simplify your move.

Start packing early: Moving to college is stressful. Don’t wait until the last minute to go to local stores to get stuff.  A week or two before your move, start getting together the packing supplies you will need. Make sure you have enough boxes, tape, plastic wrap, etc. before your moving day. Create an ‘Essentials’ box with the things that you will immediately need.  After a day full of travelling and moving in, the last thing you would want to do is search through boxes for essentials like a toothbrush. It’s wise to create an ‘essentials’ box containing things that will be needed immediately, such as toiletries, a change of clothing, etc —so that you have what you need.

Pack Conservatively.  Pack minimally for your move. Before you begin packing consider doing a deep purge. A great rule of thumb is: if you haven’t used or worn clothes in the past year, it’s probably safe to throw it out or donate it. Completing this initial cleanse will lighten your load as you begin the move. Additionally, you won’t need to pack any big items like furniture or appliances. Most organised PGs like Placio typically come with these items. You’ll just need to bring things like personal clothing and any art or decorative materials for personalizing your space.

Keep Your Packing Organized:  Don’t start throwing things from your bedroom into boxes. You’ll go insane unpacking after the move trying to find where you put everything. It may help to label, or list the contents of your boxes.

 Arrive early. Figure out when your housing accommodation opens, and plan on arriving close to that time. If you arrive the more time you’ll have to get settled in.

Tag cords. Most students own a ton of electronics which means that there are likely a lot of cords and cables which look practically identical and get jangled. Put labelled tabs or tape around the cords to signify what they are for.

Use Large Suitcases to Pack Clothes: Packing clothes in suitcases and keep clothes on their hangers and secure the hangers together with a zip tie.  Pack these tightly so there is no space and all you have to do on arrival is open and hang clothes in your room closet.

Wrap fragile items in Towels, Sheets and Clothing. Towels and linens take up a fair amount of space while moving, so use them to wrap all fragile or breakable items to prevent breakage.

Use Suitcases for Heavy Items. Heavy items, like textbooks for example, are much easier to carry when they are on wheels than in boxes. It is also a good way to carry items that you don’t want broken, since you can easily pad it and suitcases are more difficult to break than cardboard boxes.

Leave out-of-season clothing at home:  Mostly you will return home before the seasons change. These can be collected later as and when required. This will make moving easier and will provide more free closet space.

Before Moving: Try to do as much as possible before moving and make your life less stressful in a new place by cancelling your gym membership, changing mailing address, acquire a new local phone number, etc.

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Hopefully these tips help to simplify your moving experience!

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