The Struggles of Having a Cleanliness Freak for a Roommate

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The Struggles of Having a Cleanliness Freak for a Roommate

All of us who have lived away from home, in a student accommodation, PG, or a rented apartment, will know that your relationship with your roommate is a bittersweet one! There are all kinds of roommates out there – the foodies, the smokers, the alcoholics, the weirdos, etc. And then there is another category of roommates, one that can really get on your nerves – the cleanliness freak! They have an addiction to cleanliness, and they can go to any lengths to keep your room absolutely spick and span, even at the cost of your happiness!

So let’s take you down the memory lane of how it is to live with a cleanliness freak. And if you are yet to encounter them, you might as well read it for your own sake!

  1. Weekends are for Cleaning, ONLY for Cleaning!

While other classmates are planning exciting trips to nearby hills and entertainment avenues, your dear roommate is all set to run a ‘swacch kamra abhiyaan’ over the weekend! Who wastes a good Sunday lazing around anyway?? Gear up, grab a broom and set about to clean the entire house inside out… over and over… and again!

2. According to Them “You are Not a Good Enough Cleaner”

No matter how much hard work you put in the cleaning, folding of sheets, washing the dishes, dusting of furniture, your cleaning skills will never be good enough. It will break your heart but you will eventually make your peace with it. In fact, on the brighter side, you have someone who can single-handedly clear out all the mess out of your room, and also your life. Isn’t it?

3. A Guilt Trip after Every In-House Party is the Norm

Have as much fun as you can at all the house parties you are so famous for throwing in the university for next day will be nothing less than judgement day! They will flinch at every drop of drink on the furniture and the microscopic food crumbs will make their blood boil. But you know that you will have to make the place shining and clean if you still want a roof over your head.

4. OCD is the New Normal

“Did you just sneeze on the pillow?” Change the covers! “Did you just bring in muddy shoes?” Clean the entire room! “Are the sheets clean?” Change them anyway! “Getting bored?” Let’s clean!

But you fall in love with these idiots, anyway!

5. They Set VERY HIGH Standards for Your Parents

Behold, for the worst is yet to come! “Learn something from them”, “Be more like them”, etc. etc. is what your parents will now say. Like they needed another reason to nag you. But accept it, if it wasn’t for these super, freaking cleanliness-obsessed maniacs, your place would have turned into a society dumpster!


But then, these cleanliness freaks have their own charm and you cannot help but fall prey to it, don’t you agree? Also, not to forget how thankful you are to them for keeping the room 100.1% germ-free!

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