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Things to do on a rainy day in Placio

You wake up fresh prepared to start your day in Placio Housing, only to discover it’s raining and though you love the rains but the last thing you want to do is slosh around outside, so what do you do?

You can give in to weather-induced boredom. That annoying feeling of not knowing what to do or where to go can really get on your nerves. So instead of annoying yourself or your friends around you, here are some great ideas to try out in your room on a rainy day, so that you can make the most of your time with us.

Take pictures

Rain is already so aesthetically pleasing that snapping a picture of our stunning housing will really get you likes on Facebook, click and share your best photos! Go organize your photo albums, you can even make them available online for all your friends and family to see.

Listen to music

Has someone recommended an album or a song to you that you’ve never made time for? What about the playlist on your phone? Browse and listen to your music collection, there’s probably so many mp3’s on your pc that you haven’t heard many of them in a long time. Sort these or delete. You can also create a new workout mp3 collection for the next time you go to the gym. This is the perfect time to expand your musical boundaries!

Have a movie marathon

Rainy days are an excellent time to turn your living room into the ultimate comfy movie theatre. We at Placio have provided in room TV or a shared TV in the common room. Invite your friends for company, grab a packet of quick snacks and your favourite drink, pick two or three of your favourite movies and your day is made.  Next, relax in front of the television and watch your movies back to back. Make sure you have a throw and a pillow handy, as rainy days make an excellent time for impromptu naps as well.

Read a book

Read a book you aren’t required to read, something just for fun. A lot of people still have a book laying around they’ve been meaning to read. You might have forgotten how much you like sitting down with a book that you picked out on your own.

Explore the lounge area

Guess what some Placio properties offer a cafe and lounge. These lounge are equipped with flat screen televisions, pool tables, a ping pong table or Sip coffee, there’s probably others to have a chat with or you can enjoy in silence.

Call your mom

Rainy days are best time to reconnect. Call your mom. She definitely misses you. Don’t leave your dad out either. He might not admit it, but he wouldn’t mind that phone call either.

Play games online

What are you waiting for? This is a time to connect with friends for online gaming on your lap-tops. Play your favourite video games with online gaming you can even connect with friends/strangers while trying to blow their heads of with a sniper rifle. You can play either in the privacy of your fully furnished AC room or common areas and see how many new friends you meet. There is no issue of battery life because Placio Housing has 24×7 power-backup.

Complete a task you always put off

Do you hate organising\cleaning\folding laundry? This is the best time to do things   that you usually procrastinate and enjoy a worry-free weekend ahead. Rearrange your room at Placio, move everything around to have a whole new look.

Get lost on laptop

Placio housing has high speed WiFi so just browse. Get lost on YouTube. Try some searches on YouTube, meet and share the experiences of famous vloggers, comedy videos, or beautiful travel videos, etc… Start planning your next holiday by browsing the best travel sites and list the things you’d like to visit and see. Check your face book, checking the timelines of your friends and family or dig into your own timeline and see what you’ve posted throughout the years.

Start your own blog/website

About whatever topic that interests you. Start reading in on how you can make your own website and have a go at it! There are several websites that allow you to create one for free! But if you want to go pro, then register your own domain with a web-hosting plan.

Make a bucket list

Of all the things you still want to do, see and experience in your life. And maybe you can already start planning of when to do some of them!

Go to your gym

At certain properties Placio Housing offer a gym for a great workout, or go out for a run (yes running or dance in the rain). If not just download or view some online yoga videos which help you to do yoga. It’s relaxing, healthy and fun.

Catch some rain

All of Placio’s properties are well connected and near quick pick points for cabs\autos or buses. Go to a nearby mall for some shopping, browsing and a tasty bite and nice drink. Or a movie theatre to watch a movie running in a theatre nearby.

How did you keep busy and entertained on rainy days? Placio wants to hear from you! Share your great ideas in the comments or on face book with us.

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