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Tips for choosing a roommate

Guide for Students: How to Find a Roommate

Choosing a roommate at student housing is probably one of the most important choices for awesome college experience. Making the right decision is a must as the wrong person can cause all sorts of problems and also negatively affect your grades (if you are unable to study due to a loud roommate), while the right person can greatly add to your enjoyment of college living. Many students find that company enhances their living during college years. Therefore, making this choice correctly is crucial. Read below to learn some tips compiled by Placio for choosing a roommate who will positively impact your academics at college.


Qualities to look for in a roommate

Common Goals – Roommate with similar goals in life. For example, if you and your roommate are keen to be engineers with similar specialisation and at the same university\institute, you will take similar classes and will become not only roommates but study partners as well. Of course, studying the same subject isn’t a necessary attribute, but it will certainly help in terms of having similar schedules and such.

Similar Sleeping/ Eating Habits – It helps when choosing a college roommate to find someone with sleeping and eating habits that are similar to yours. For example, if you are a vegetarian and the mere sight of meat turns your stomach, you probably don’t want to room with a person who eats chicken every other day. Similarly, if you are an early riser, you don’t need a person who chatters away late at night and disturbs your natural sleep pattern.

Evidence of Responsibility – When choosing a college roommate also make sure they are responsible. If they are misplacing their stuff like keys or books or are untidy, these are bad signs. This shows a predisposition towards irresponsibility, and you need a person who keeps things in place and is clean. You want to share your space with someone who will take their (your) academic assignment seriously and is committed to change their lives. Therefore, responsibility is a must have characteristic in a roommate.

Having too many Friends- The last thing you need is a big group of people hanging around in your room. This is important because more than likely their friends will end up in your room and will probably be there much more than you like. Therefore, make sure that their friends are at least tolerable.

Fine tune Expectations – We all have preset expectations about any situation. Perhaps, your idea of a roommate is someone who is clean, does not chatter, does not drink, is cooperative and understanding. However, if the person you are considering is different, this is bound to cause conflict and problems. Therefore, you need to define what you expect out of a roommate. Now is the time to communicate about this issue, not after the person moves in.

Get a Background Check if Possible – You might think the person who you are considering for your roommate is a great person, but they might have a few skeletons in the closet. Run background check to reveal any potential red flags.

Think twice before rooming with a friend –  Living together may can ruin a perfectly good friendship. So think and consider before going this route. Examine your friend objectively – find how compatible you are – on dietary, sleeping and cleanliness habits. You might find yourselves very compatible as you come from the state in India so culturally you jell but you might find that on other areas you don’t mesh well. Better to find this out before moving in. It is probably wise to remain friends and get someone else for your roommate.

The best way to find an ideal roommate is to ask around. Many times, people you know will have friends who need a roommate, and this is a great way to check a person out before you even consider making them your roommate.

Benefits of having a roommate

Having a roommate can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. Obviously, sharing a room at student housing may be cheaper. Sharing a room also ensures that are never alone, there is the company to talk about back-home or day-to-day life.  If you are new to the city, who don’t know anyone, a roommate is a great way to make a quick friend and explore the city together. Many people make strong friendships with their roommates that last well beyond their college years

Getting Along With Your Roommate

Unfortunately, there may be times when complications arise between you and your roommate. To avoid unnecessary ruckus communicate clearly with each other right from the beginning. Let your roommate know of any things that bother you or any reasonable rules that you would like to have established between you both. Also, be open to compromise. Many of the issues that arise will only be resolved through compromise. For example, if your roommate likes to play loud music or talks loudly on the phone, and you like for it to be quiet in order to sleep or study, then maybe explain what you want. Remember that the room isn’t yours alone; you both live there and need to respect each other. Try to maintain a good relationship, since roommate changes cannot always be granted.

Roommate Matching at Placio

Roommate matching is a process that student housing providers do in order to place random roommates together. In order to try to avoid complications between roommates, roommate matching attempts to place students with similar lifestyles and interests. This often works as all rooms can be allotted for students and students are able to live with other people with whom they get along, rather than someone with a completely different lifestyle. For example, a student who is clean and has an early sleeping schedule will most likely not be matched with a more disorganized student who likes to stay up late.

How Does the Roommate Matching Process Work?

Roommate matching is performed through a survey that is given to students renting a room with us. The survey is designed to ask key questions about your style of living, including things like cleanliness, study habits, sleeping schedule etc. The surveys are then carefully examined and matched with another that has similar answers. It is highly important to answer the questions truthfully so that future altercations don’t arise between roommates. Answer the questions based on the type of lifestyle you live now, not the type you think you could possibly adapt to in the future.

However, answer the survey correctly so that having a roommate can be a fun, educational and enlightening experience rather than turn into a constant nightmare. Contact us at Placio for more information about our student housing options. Placio brings a new way of living for the students. It entails co-living in an environment where experience is more important than possession. The Placio platform offers fully furnished shared rooms to like-minded students for a comfortable and hassle-free stay with budget friendly options for an incredible living experience.  Call us at Placio for more information on our college housing.


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