Tips to make new friends in college

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Tips to make new friends in college

College is a fresh start a time for new experiences, maybe you have moved to a city new and encountering new faces plus are living on your own for the very first time as well. You can get lonely in college, but the next four years offer the potential to turn all new faces you see into new friendship. So how exactly do you make those lifelong friends?  We at Placio do understand what you are going through and with that in mind; here are simple tips to make friends at college:

Get to know others

Come out of your comfort zone and interact. Be yourself, you will be having certain traits  and no matter which college you go to, there will be people who share your interests and personality. It is important that you let your personality shine through so that your friends will be drawn to who you are as a person. For this you need to be interesting, in order for others to find something unique in you — be it a personality trait or a hobby or some shared interest.

Use your student housing

You must be staying at a student housing with a large number of newcomers going through similar experiences, eager to make friends. Many housing have shared rooms and common spaces where events are organized simply to help newcomers interact with others, appreciate this. Try to bond over shared feelings. If you’re missing home and the familiar talk about that, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, there’s bound to be someone else who feels the same way.

Connect over social media

Once you have finalised your college and city check Facebook for any college-related groups. Many colleges, along with their departments, have Facebook pages or WhatsApp groups that you can join, which means that you could start connecting with future classmates online even before college begins. There could even be conversations about upcoming events or meetings or gatherings with shared interests that you could attend.

Come out of your cocoon

Interact, participate in extra-curricular activities, mingle with others to find like-minded souls. If there is a club based on something you like, join it! Doing something you love with others creates a special bond and something to talk about.  Strike up a conversation any chance you get. In any setting where it is appropriate to do so, start a conversation with the person next to you. Whether you are waiting for class to start, standing in line at the cafeteria, or standing in the lift, talk– you should take every opportunity possible to talk to other people. Of course, you are not going to make friends with every single person you meet or talk to, but the more that you interact, the more likely you are to find a handful of people who will turn into good friends.

Increase your knowledge

Find common ground, similar experiences, shared hobbies and other mutual interests can bring people together and make conversations much more interesting. You must know more to talk or interact and hold a conversation. This will definitely gives you something to talk about with others.

Bond over food and night outings

Throughout history we have seen people bonding over food. College is no different; a meal is a great way to get closer to a new friend or chat with an old one.  With meals comes a culture of spontaneous late-night activities. And it’s during these late-night dashes for sustenance when friendships can form!

Be nice

Care about others and make yourself approachable, this will get your attitude noticed, and will be mirrored back. The more approachable you are  by making eye contact,  smile, detach from your phone —  the more likely people are to take the time to stop by  and talk to you. Instead of rushing around between classes, take a moment to slow down and relax a little and be friendly and helpful. These small things can help send out a positive vibe that attracts people to you.

In a nutshell, we at Placio housing know that in course of time you would be walking away with a college degree, newfound knowledge, a degree, and a few unexpected friendships. Don’t discriminate, because you don’t know where and when you would be laying the foundation of awesome friendship!

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