Ways to Make Mondays Your Best Days

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Ways to Make Mondays Your Best Days

Mondays are not wanted by anyone and have a bad reputation largely as they convey end of the weekend and wake-up call to be back to work as norm.  Monday can be a drag, but it doesn’t have to be considered that. Here are ways to spice up Mondays.

Break the monotony – At times, we are dissatisfied by our monotonous patterns in life. Realize that we are the owner of our life and if you want something to change, you need to make it happen. Motivate yourself by planning something enjoyable this day – it can be a small thing like food, dress or outing. Give it a exotic touch to put pep into your body language and a smile on your face. Treat yourself to something brand new every Mondays. It can be breakfast, lunch or a snack in college. A new hair style – a new look – meeting friends – a new dress – all these are small things that get you moving through the day with spring in your footstep.

Wake up chirpy – Get up early and you have more time for yourself. What may give you a leg up, however, is becoming an early riser — getting your legs out of bed a little earlier than usual. Go for a half-hour ahead of your normal wake time. That’s sufficient to help you gather your thoughts, prepare for the day, allow for unexpected traffic and get to college ready to go. Go through your planner and plan your schedule ahead of time. Our brains get in extreme Monday mode and we overdo our efforts to get “caught up” and be super efficient. So on a Monday, chill do something you would normally reserve for weekends.

Start with a workout – If you have been saving your exercise for the end of the day, you may be missing out on the big endorphin rush that can make Monday happier. Plan your cardio for early Monday and watch your morale pick up the pace.

Dress for Success- Wear your best and favorite outfits on a Monday. This will help build your confidence, and your outlook for the day. If you feel like a confident, savvy, powerful woman or an ambitious, successful, powerful man- you’ll work like you feel.

Hydrate… – Sounds basic but bear with me. All of us don’t drink enough water, with the stress of classes to catch up, assignments, homework and much more of hectic college life we often get distracted and simply forget! Keep water by you at all times and spice it up with something fun. Add frozen fruit, cucumbers or lemons. Your brain will operate more smoothly and you’ll feel better overall moving Monday up on the awesome scale.

Check in with Friends –  It’s rare to hang out with friends on a Monday night, but grabbing coffee with friends at the end of a hectic day brings positivity. Sit back and relax and let the chatter flow, take a moment (or ten) to chill. Think of it as a no-stress way to treat yourself. This gets the positive juices flowing. Ambitious indeed, but it can be done. With the right approach, Mondays can set the tone for a super-productive week

Prepare with good self-care – If you’ve made a practice of partying until all hours from Friday night on, chances are you are still hung over or feeling the effects of such disdain for your well-being. You can turn this around by instituting good self-care. In addition to getting sufficient rest (forget the three hours of sleep; go for 8 hours), eating well-balanced meals (and no late-night snacking), cutting down on alcohol and curbing smoking, find other ways to relax, restore and rejuvenate. These include meditation, yoga or Pilates, walks in nature, listening to calming music, self-reflection and prayer. Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it. Greeting Mondays with a healthy body-mind-spirit makes the day so much better.

Take mini-breaks – Exhaustion, physical or mental, work stress, tension, irritability, anger, disappointment and other negative effects from college studies will take their toll. Ward them off by the simple and quick practice of taking mini breaks throughout the day. Get up and stretch. Do isometric exercises. Close your eyes and meditate. Take the stairs to your next class instead of the lift. Whenever possible, walk outside instead of within the building so you get some fresh air and a clear perspective.

Celebrate all the things you accomplish – Mull over all the things you accomplish since you came to college, new friends and new environment this may seem like a trivial thing, but give yourself credit for adjusting to a new place, meeting your responsibilities and making progress. This will help make Mondays better.

Play music – Energise yourself with music that makes you want to move. Once your body is shaking to the beat, your brain and heart will start to get in the groove as well. Plan a great weekend as a reward for making this week your happiest and most productive in college.

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