What makes Placio Student Stay stand out?

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What makes Placio Student Stay stand out?

Placio wants to change the way accommodation is provided for students, raising people’s expectations about service, quality and communication.  Step into your own and make your college experience complete by becoming a part of the Placio community where experience is more important than possession. Placio brings into light the refreshing, modern yet secure concept of co-living which will help young, like-minded students to live together and connect. We want students to find renting a room from us incredibly easy and we want them to feel safe, comfortable and looked after. Placio’s digital platform carefully curates modern living spaces, fully-furnished rooms, private rooms and personal apartments in some of the best localities in and around University Campuses, are available within all budget ranges.

Placio hostels are popular because Placio offers a digital platform to carefully curate modern living spaces, fully-furnished rooms, and private rooms and shared accommodation in some of the best localities in and around University Campuses, which are available within all budget ranges keeping the students comfort in mind. Plus our talented and dedicated team members maintain a community that allows you to focus on the final chapter of your education, your academics and your future.

What kind of facilities do students get in Placio? 

Placio offers separate curated properties for girls and boys keeping in mind safety and security. Parents and students can expect complete peace of mind with this unique approach to student accommodation. Placio takes care of all the little things so you don’t have to. Here’s what your rent gets you:

  • A fully furnished room
  • On-site 24×7 Emergency Helpline
  • On-site 24×7 Guard
  • 24-hour CCTV security
  • 24×7 power backup
  • On-site maintenance team (we’ll fix anything that breaks and we’re quick about it too)
  • High-speed broadband and WiFi throughout the building (we know how important that is to you)
  • Air conditioning\Geyser
  • On-site laundry facilities (you’ll be thankful for that)
  • Gym we have your fitness in mind
  • Gaming zone (no chance to be lonely and bored then!)
  • Premium food
  • TV (shared if you’re staying in a shared apartment)
  • Post and parcel service

The luxuries lie in the size of the room, quality of bedding, quality of food and comfort add-ons. Parents with funds look for high-end stay option for their wards, the property structures of these are different, with lounges, balcony, open areas etc., and we set the menu in consultation with our tenants.

Placio believes in your comfort

We have fully furnished AC rooms with professionally managed services. Your entitlement is validated by agreements and Placio ensures that you get whatever is promised and agreed. It is the first student accommodation of its kind, with service, safety and security at its heart. 


With the rising trend of crime, the element of safety is paramount with Placio.  We have already planned a step ahead at 24 Response, where we have through of all such unforeseen situations and planned your safety around it. Enumerated below are the various safety situations offered by 24 Response. Safety in the hostel where situations like minor fire, gas leakage, intrusion, loss of keys or any distress situation can develop. To deal with Medical Emergencies like injuries and sudden sickness we have made arrangement for ambulance. We have even planned out for On road Assistance where we have visualized road accident, car breakdown, loss of car keys and tyre puncture. Again Personal Safety in cases of Stalking/Being Followed, Imminent Physical Threats, Road Rage, Feeling Unsafe, Placio is there for the students’ support and safety.

Stay and feel safe and secure with Placio. We have achieved balance with quiet, modern and the busy, exciting lives of students. Our student accommodation is ideally located, with contemporary rooms and facilities and the mix of students creates a unique and exceptional experience – the key ingredient which builds Placio’s vibrant community.

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