What to look for in student housing?

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What to look for in student housing?

Aside from finalising the college, the next most important decision is in selecting the right housing. This is probably the most important decision you will make in regards to your teens’ college experience. Housing for college students is undergoing a transformation and you will most likely want the very best. Modern apartments are replacing tiny rooms and awesome amenities are being delivered, security and technology are more critical than ever in providing an exotic touch. Here, take a look at today’s college apartment essentials.

Furnished rooms are a must – Moving to a new city is stressful, why opt for an unfurnished set-up where you end up buying bed, mattress, desk and chair.  This stocking up drains your financial resources and add to the physical burden of moving from place to place. Rather opt for fully furnished options which combine amenities, facilities and safety. This will give you peace of mind while your teen is away from home.

Environment-focused on academics – With academic-focused environment, the setting is more conducive to the students needs. Choose a housing which offers a setting with a focus on both socialization and academics. These student housing offer common study rooms\areas to help promote study, and are the tools for college assignments. Next priority is high-speed Internet and Wi-Fi capabilities, helping the teen complete assignments anywhere. Amenities for free time and relaxation- like cafe lounge and common areas –a place to chill and relax, opportunity to meet up with friends and socialize without leaving the premises. Amenities like game room, basketball court, pool, green space, fitness centre help students to unwind. Your teen will perform better when housing is designed for overall well-being.

Closeness to academic institutions– Off campus living must be near or walking distance from the academic institutions giving your teen convenient access to classes. You’ll want housing that doesn’t waste your teens time or fuel getting to and from class each day. Plus parking space as most students have wheels.

Security- Fortunately, technology is improving security providing better peace of mind for both students and parents. Security of their teens has always been a concern for parents. The student housing which are better controlled and even have their own security system — like onsite security guards, monitored CCTV, non-residents are stopped on entering, guards patrolling the premises regular basis, assures one that this apartment building cares about its residents’ safety and the protection of their property.

Modern floor plans- Choose housing which offers a variety of room sharing options for example solo, twin or triple sharing basis. This first of all gives you flexibility to choose from these options. Modern floor plans also translate into rooms which have private bathrooms, this helps maintain the comforts of living at home. Consider the spaciousness of the room, when filled with roommates and personal items. Remember that your teen will need space to study, sleep, and store private items. Space is a critical point of concern for any college apartment checklist.

Privacy – Even though students don’t mind sharing private stuff on social media but they prefer privacy — a space they can call their own and go to for solace. Living solo in rooms which has attached bath is becoming much more important on the list of college apartment essentials. Privacy is also needed when it comes time to study because a person needs peace and quiet to concentrate. Also find the design element of the building – is the building constructed well enough to ensure low noise and privacy? Ensure that sound does not travel easily from room to room. Of course, there would be some sound travel, it would be impossible to find a completely quite building.

Amenities – are another aspect to consider before deciding on housing. As a college student, you will want to know what amenities are offered, laundry, housekeeping, power backup, security etc. Onsite maintenance crew is a must so that issues can be fixed once it is brought to management’s attention. Finding out details like this will help you make an educated decision. This can make a difference when choosing to rent one affordable apartment over another.

Roommate Matching – When your teen is new to the city or academic institution, it may be tough for them to find roommates to share rooms with. Some student housing offer roommate matching and assists in finding roommates with similar needs and interests. With provided college roommate matching services, the search for a roomie is made easy. It’s just one less thing that parents have to worry about.

Placio provides housing to students designed with these essentials, and more, in mind.  Each AC fully-furnished room comes with a private bath equipped with geyser.  Laundry, maintenance and housekeeping teams are maintained on site to take care off of the necessities. Extraordinary amenities for cooking, dining area, in-house meal and mess are all present for providing students healthy meals. Common areas for study areas, dining, cafe-lounge, gym etc. are provided. Placio in-unit security systems with monitored CCTV cameras are vigilant keeping a hawk-eye over its residents.  Find out more about the college apartment essentials that are built right into Plaico housing, contact now.







Check out The Retreat at Gainesville for both non-furnished and furnished apartments for rent for your child. It’s an apartment complex with a student-focused environment, safety measures, plenty of amenities, modern floor plans and roommate matching services. All around, it’s got everything you looking for when your child goes away to college.

The Retreat at Gainesville opens for the first time in the Fall of 2016. It is a modern community designed for today’s students. It is conveniently located for students attending the University of Florida. It is a brand new community that is energy efficient. Each apartment has its own walk-in closet and private bath. Every apartment has a full-sized washer and dryer in the unit. The Retreat has roommate matching and units are available in 2 to 6 bedroom floor plans. It is a limited access community and its cottage style apartments improve privacy. Amenities are plentiful including a Clubhouse with a game room, cyber cafe, study areas and a computer lounge. There’s a resort-style pool, volleyball court and outdoor pavilion. When you compare your college apartment checklist to what The Retreat at Gainesville offers, the choice will be clear.

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