Why it is Advisable to Choose Organised Student Accommodation for Your Children

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Why it is Advisable to Choose Organised Student Accommodation for Your Children

Being a parent, one is always concerned about the wellness of their children no matter how old they are. Indian parents are seen to be more concerned about their children especially when they need to move out to some other city to pursue higher education. We cannot blame the affinity of Indian parents towards their offsprings as this is just what our country is all about – being loved and taking good care of those you love, especially children. With high hopes, they invest money in the education of their children and expect them to enjoy their student life both academically as well as personally.

In the past few years, there has been a marginal rise in the number of private colleges and universities in India which are meeting the growing demands of higher education in the country. Thus, pursuing higher education has become more accessible to the children whose parents are economically stable. But still money has its value and what’s spent must not go to waste. So, when a student gets admitted to a college or university, he/she, if falling in the category of outstation students, would look out for student accommodation. As such, there has been a very restricted number of options for both parents and students when choosing a place to live which includes on-campus accommodation facilities (hostels), PGs and independent rooms. All of these come with their own set of pros and cons.

Organised student housing is a concept which is new to India. It is a concept prevalent from decades in the western countries where students opt for co-living and get a variety of services and facilities. Paying guest accommodations and hostels do provide an effective way of living, but certainly, they cannot match up to the professionalism, innovative approach and flexibility that is provided by professionally managed student accommodations. Organised student housing considers deeper aspects of student living in India. It considers all the factors that are critical to addressing the needs of students getting the higher education. Not just students, but it also gives due importance to the concerns of parents who keep worrying about the health and well-being of their children.

Given below are some key features that highlight what makes organised student living an advisable option:

  1. Hygienic Surroundings

As managed professionally with the help of designated staff, the surroundings of student co-living spaces are neat and clean which only help students live a healthy, clutter-free life during their entire studying period.

  1. Round-the-Clock Availability of Water and Electricity

Water and electricity are two amenities that are very basic, but often students struggle when they find that accommodation which they have spent so much money upon cannot even provide the necessary facilities to them. Student housing professionals like Placio provide 24×7 water and electricity supply to students so that they can study, sleep or relax without worrying about such small but crucial necessities.

3.    Quality Food – Buffet Services

The term organised is sufficient to define the kind of experience a co-living property, such as those provided and verified by Placio, hold for resident students. Just like any professionally kept hotel, at Placio students get up to two times of nutritious meals. The charge of food is added to the monthly rent that you pay for such shared accommodations.

4.    Housekeeping and Maintenance Services

Let’s accept this one little thing – no student has time to do their daily chores or ruin his/her routine by keeping a record of maintenance works. Also, when you share any accommodation, it is easy to get into differences related to keeping the room spick and span. Organised student housing serves as a blessing to students as they help in keeping everything in the right order and attending to maintenance needs of the rooms and other commonly used areas.

5.    Technologically.-Oriented Customer Services

For student housing innovators like Placio, students are the customers and as they say ‘focus on your customer.’ They provide resident young boys and girls with avant-garde facilities such as customer helpline, SOS service for medical and non-medical emergencies, parents helpline, students card, cash on call and much more. They also ensure that proper security parameters are provided at all properties.

Where else would you get such services as a student living if not professionally managed co-living spaces?

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