Escalate Your Rental Revenue

Are you thinking about renting your property, but how do you ensure you find the right resident?

We at Placio, aim to increase revenue and occupancy by providing quality living spaces to a million plus college going students.

Simply give us a little brief about your property by filling a form and our team will be happy to assist you to find the right tenant.

Not Only that, we will also assist you to roll-out all manner of changes to make your living space more desirable and enrapturing.


Connect Without The Hassle

Reach out to us any day of the week, we are 24*7 available to address your concerns regarding rental housing services.

  • Maximize your rental revenue
  • Timely rental collections
  • Professional house maintenance

Don’t Be Rash! Save Your Cash!

Let us find the perfect resident for your rental property. Choosing a student to fill you vacant property shouldn't be a rushed process.

  • No brokerage required
  • Follow tenant screening process
  • Get rid of from onsite visits

Enjoy Easy-Peasy Operations

Relax and let us take the strain. Our team will provide all the pre-requisites for rental process and make it hassle free.

  • Long term contracts
  • No investment on furnishing
  • Online access to monitor